If you read this page it means that you are the witness of a crime done by Hilary Curtis, Rachel Mc Carthy or someone they've convinced to do their dirty work in exchange for a service or job. If you support them you are simply going to join them in the criminal case and investigation.

We need your help and your proofs as a witness to help me get those people punished or at least get there blog removed. They've simply used all their talent and tricks for the last 5 years (Criminal case N. 4605583/18) directing thousands of people to that www.tonypianco.com blog. I had to stop working with too many people because of them from Airbnb, Groupon, all venues I ever used, sponsors such as Cassart, etc,... They spoke to everyone I ever worked with and had the audacity to use hackers, spammers, false job requests, spy artists to find out about myself and my venues all in the name of feminism.

How can this possible in a Democratic country where justice is supposed to be there to protect innocents against criminals? Unfortunately this is when you realize that justice is only for deep pockets. I can only continue saving my pennies... :)

Those 2 have fabricated a defaming blog, taking true extraordinary events that really did happen, and mixed them with absolute lies so that I would look like a criminal/pervert/sexual harasser. They allowed me to have this website visible only so that I would not give them the same treatment they gave me. People they extracted the information from were forced to lie or exaggerate, which is the same in this case and they simply ask me now to let them be. They know how devastating this has been so they do not ignore and ask to be left alone now as I was good to them and still am...

They simply won't stop as myself won't stop doing my good for the creative world. Thousands know i'm not the bad guy they paint me as at all, which is why I stayed in Business, running classes and events for the last 5 years. To me it feels like that things can only go very bad as now the only possible treatment is to give them the same treatment for Life.

Here is a bit of background info about those two criminals who corrupt others to enlarge their team most days. They may be about 20 active people/criminals now trying to affect everything I do. Some they aren't even aware of who think they are acting for a good cause. They have no idea what can happen when you bring innocent people to their last resorts, using other innocent people to create abomination. I guess they'll have to find out soon. Sadly some of them, once they start, won't stop until they get a result.


Respectively Rachel Mc Carthy who was given RAM (Modelreg) to run in the last century and Hilary Curtis, writer desperate for work who hates men too, are WANTED criminals who have abused the system and are very good at it especially when it comes to Defaming forever using tricks only a writer/journalist would know of. Rachel is so clever to have found her Saboteur, that can help her save her dying business...Legally speaking they are both dead meat, now only capital is needed/needs to be raised to eliminate this Lifetime threat.

Now you know what has been causing havoc and still is for 14 years in the Life Drawing world I've promoted, gave a rebirth to, brought a new life to, all along. Rachel who publicly insults men and calls them dogs (see image) and her best friend Hilary Curtis, also desperate life model that advertises herself as "Saboteur" and Active Feminist. Now you know where to find a pretty talented one who can help your business and destroy anyone's life. Maybe i should ask Hilary for a commission on jobs she gets...

Only in the uncontrolled Art World such monsters can succeed and prevail. No need for qualification, talent or hard work, just madness and dishonesty. Please be all aware!...





Please report to us any message, complaint you received from anyone that sends people to www.tonypianco.com so Justice can be made hopefully as only those 2 are guilty, others have been manipulated and promised jobs. One or 2 Life models have also lied completely and are a bit shy at trying to correct what they've done.

I can assure you there is no Solution to this problem and better to ignore it as if good resources are spent to ask them to stop or warn them they may pretend for a few weeks and continue without even me knowing about it. I would need to sue them in Court but this would become a very long process that would cost too much in the long run and could end up making things even worse.

They know they can continue forever without any problem except if you guys ignore them, tell them off and pass on all the information you have so i can at list file a report at the Police station the same way they did. Now i know how they operated to make me look as bad as possible so at least i have this advantage or blog services, domain hosts who don't want to help, etc... Very nasty clever ladies who use feminism and well-written packs of Lies uniquely for Business reasons not caring one second of the damages they made or the condition of Life models. They need to be brought to Justice soon rather than Later so any little help counts...


One more Lie: in 2018 Hilary says she has never published her blog when in fact she is fishing for information on how i have managed to keep her blog as useless as possible so i can start explaining how. I have been on this published blog's case with most search engines on the planet for years to limit what she is desperate to prove and she knows i am innocent but she started it and now cannot back down ever. Even her was lied to, those who did have recently closed the Facebook group where this recent situation started. They are now trying to destroy any evidence, names of those who lied and stayed mute when i asked them all to publicly talk in front of nearly a 1000 life models and Artists at the time, thanks to Philippe Herbert who ran away within days and who started this Facebook drama, nuclear explosion i was exposed to on the 14th of Dec. 2015 at 20h03. This was a Freak incident started by freak minds/people that Rachel happily/rapidly exploited and inflated it as much as illegally possible... You'll understand further down this page what this Facebook incident was...

If you happen to read this page it is because someone or in fact a few people have contacted one of the venues I use or Models i work with and have told them not to work with me which is completely unfunded, illegal and considered by the law as pure Harassment and could lead to prosecution. I am 100% the opposite of what they paint me as, helping, protecting, being a gentleman...

So whoever reads this, please let me know, who those people are just so that i can warn them, if you don't, as by law they have to be warned first. Nothing will be done against them that is illegal but because they hide under the floorboards and use mainly facebook to create havoc i just need to locate them, unfriend them etc... Once i know who they are and only then i can be allowed to help the situation. Once those people acted in such a bad they let Rachel from Ram, know so she then owes them jobs/favors. All is as simple as that. I have worked with thousands of models in 15 years, tripled their wages on the first year, changed their work conditions forever and in fact always tried to avoid problems with them, but one day it has happened for something very silly, not vicious, without any sexual intentions as the young lady is a lesbian anyway or anything bad at all, I was pleasant to her but frustrated models, desperate for work and attention thought they could make something out of it using the Power of Facebook. A few models who by then were also running events, some kinky ones too or classes as they realized anyone could (thanks Tony) simply made it into something hugely bad and Lied/are lying to thousands of people because they can hide and do it and get something out of it and pays the bills. This is more of a punishment by nasty feminists who have business reasons to try to get read of me and my Network and nothing really personal which make this really difficult to deal with. Hilary Curtis has wrote this blog but obviously, Rachel pays for it as only her has got an incentive in all this. Hilary is a good old friend who advertises herself on LinkedIn as the Saboteur and Rachel advertises herself on Artmod as a male Dominator where she wrote a caption of her profile photo saying something like men are dogs. I have screen grabs to show if needed. Would men be able to advertise themselves in such a way? Are woman allowed to do so like you would allow kids to do so? Except they want to fight and exterminate any man with a position he may want to use to abuse woman, as if i didn't know the situation i was in... :) BTW I teach Art because I'm Art, the first thing i did in my life was to draw people, make money, sing to heal disavantaged kids from the age of 5 and competing from 8 years old and always kept on drawing, painting, photographing, sculpting, writing about what I Love which is "PEOPLE". I'm just one of those.


The guilty party who may never pay for her crimes is Rachel Mc Carthy who was given the job to run RAM or modelreg about 20 years ago when it was a 2 pages bloggy website, because she was a Life model with an interest in running classes. SHe has given up the idea now of teaching and employs, for cash, all sorts of rather unemployable people. So  20 years ago she started using the lowest cost possible venues in London simply because of her difficulties with teaching as she wasn't qualified to do that at all. She maybe qualified in Nutrition or Yoga but definitely not in Art...

She is the one who saw me rising from nowhere and always kept an eye on me when i didn't even know her at all. With time she took pride in her list of models and felt she could take advantage of them...


What i knew 15 years ago was that there was a list of models online run by someone who also advertised a isolated classes in the UK where she probably sent models. Her classes had an atrocious reputation as well as her Hen Life Drawing classes that she might have started/invented with people complaining on how strict/dominant she was. The only way she could make her business survive was to find a way to use models for FREE and she did as soon as she could.

Not only she charges them a yearly fee but an Audition cost which is also criminal really knowing that all those people are the most Artistic and poor people in our Society but she found a niche business there that she is ready to do anything to save. Because 90 % of the people she ended up working with as models or teachers are British like herself she managed to make them believe that she could help them all the right way for this country.

From then she always asked them for favors so she could get help with her website, her marketing, her wording and when she could not find a FREE model for her class she would take everything off and pose in a rather exposed way. Many never returned to her classes because of that. She is still promoting herself on Artmod, an other model agency run by a good man, and the only photo she shows there says this is me posing with "my DOG" and guess who was the DOG, a young man that pretty much looked dominated on his knees and probably ready to do whatever she asked to get modeling jobs (I have screen grabs)...


About 15 years she met Hilary Curtis who also modeled occasionally and they became friend like many other women at Rachel was a good person to know then.

in 2012, Rachel. who was always asking about me to models that i worked with, finally, after 10 years, found one who had a weird argument with me. The argument happened in a Cafe in Islington where we met before a Class at a coffee shop. She was supposed to pose for a busy Life Drawing class of mine an hour later but after knowing more about her and her past I asked her if she was OK in posing for an Rodinesque Style Life Drawing class with a male model, knowing that Rodinesque had been going on for nearly 10 years somewhere else. She said she might be interested but will let me know and nothing more to it. Before and after that she told me that she used to work as an escort in Amsterdam red District and that she could do anything and everything which was a bit surprising to me.

Then we spoke somehow about women's condition and feminism where we did not agree on all points and she became argumentative, agressive, trying to force her opinion on me, who knows why it's OK to do that. Because of her anger she walked out of the cafe and dit not modeled for the class she was supposed to on that night. I had to go and cancel my class knowing that 1/2 of the attendees would never come back.

My mistake was to tell her after the class that she would end up on a black list that in fact doesnt exist. So she said something to Rachel and had an email of mine asking her if interested in taking on a Life modeling job for a Rodinesque class. Rachel finally found the way to hurt me after all those years and did. She wrote to Meetup.com head office and pretended to be good and important to the female model community and that meetup did not allow for anything Rodinesque so they should sack me.

On a cold blue morning my 9 meetup groups were closed with up to 15K members that took over 10 years to bring to meetup, which is where I created the first Life Drawing meetup ever and many more new ideas and groups but all was gone. The life model is still modeling now and has to be in anything that involves video/filming. Meetup wouldn't say what happen then so they wouldn't be responsable for any aggravation and invented a silly excuse, Now they know what happened. Rachel knew that they would not tell me and that i'd be judged guilty due to their rules and i never knew it was her until Hilary's Curtis blog. Thank you Hilary we'll all be good friends for a very very very long time now.


So now we know that Rachel viciously used her position to get rid of me from under the floorboards. We know that in 2015 she asked Hilary Curtis, that advertises herself on Twitter as "SABOTEUR", to sabotage Tony's Business. But obviously, Rachel would hide and gather any little information/text from models desperate for work, who knew me professionally or personally, for some, as friends or business partners. She had/demanded access to anyone's private emails content or texts of whoever knew me as if she was the Police, the authority with proofs. They are only 2 people in London with such databases/contacts and abilities her and me.

In 2015 Hilary Curtis took over from the Facebook situation originally made possible by Philippe Herbert. He allowed a minor, not even, incident, to become a Nuclear Drama that went viral to thousands of models and Artists. Hilary took all the risks Rachel asked her to take such as contacting all the venues I used or use now, Sponsors like Groupon, Cassart, Airbnb, etc... taking massive risks and gaining a new enemy for Life, knowing that the Police was then and now on my side. Please gather any proof/evidence you can to make things easy and quick to resolve. I'm sure there is a small island in Antartica where there is no internet connection and plenty of Bears... :).


Well, this is absolute madness, done by mad people who certainly don't need to work hard to succeed supported by people desperate for work. The only benefit they have now is the pride they take in what they've done and the fact they cannot get court yet, amusing themselves with the life and reputation of some competitor.

The Police was involved and had to tell them off and asked me to officially warn them and then sue them if they continue. We just need venues and models to give us what we need in secrecy until it's all ready to happen. This could go on for 50 years and i did not start it, I was given a very hard time, still having a hard time everyday by people i don't know. They also find new people regularly to help with the dirty work in exchange for favours. How sticky is that?


To summarize i'd say that Rachel, because of being useless at teaching, could only succeed through a number of people who needed her and because I was the only one that started model agencies/ did triple my models wages, knowing that it would affect the minimum wage for models, from then she saw me as a problem to her reputation/business. My mistake was to go for Passion of the Art rather than money which always brings respect and recognition. Maybe I tried to prove too many things wrong, just one too many. I also ignored too many people because I simply knew too many and had no choice or time.


Models will tell you that I am really well organized, have good communication with them, making sure they offer a good service and would never mix pleasure and work in a work environment. As I was working so much for so many years on promoting the Art/running classes I never thought much about anything kinky and will never harass anyone as harassment is the one thing I would myself fight against. I just wanted, still, want and will always want to draw female models considering myself as being a very normal, well functioning man and protector rather than a monster like those two.


I won't show photos here of them promoting themselves as Men exterminator or DOM and Professional Saboteur publicly advertised as such, I'll save them for the new blog I'll write with their name.com when they'll remove the link to this website from their scummy, full of lies Blob. I wonder how much money/work Hilary was paid to risk her own life/safety.


They were simply very lucky their plans didn't have the effect they hoped as i kept everything as calm as possible for logistics reasons. This is simple psychology but I don't think they can grab this concept anymore, being in their 50's at the end of their carriers, no matter what happens next.


Next, you'll be able to read a true explaination about every single bit of text or email she managed to montage together succesfully. What can a hard working innocent man do to prove he is only here to do good and hasn't done anything wrong at all? Hopefully i don't have to go to the Jeremy Kyle show...


http://www.tonypianco.com/2016/04/26/in-his-own-words-1/What exactly has happened in Late 2015


  • A Female Life model who joined our Social network came to pose at our Saturday class in November 2015. Beforehand she filled her profile on our Network and answered that she was interested in most styles of modeling from Glam to one to one with artists, Stag events, Rodinesque etc...But I knew already from her fb profile that she was lesbian, which was not a bad thing at all as I find it easier to work with them.

  • She came to pose and was fine/Happy, she told me of her boxing and wrestling background and i told her of my Judo and Boxing background and all went absolutely fine. She was paid well and treated even better.

  • I stayed for a drink, went back home and texted her to thank her for her great job but also tried to get a better idea of what was really true of what she wrote in her profile so without any intentions, knowing she was a lesbian, I joked and played with words talking about "good old wrestling" privately and had no intentions or malice whatsoever. I had queries in the past for girls wrestling for Stag groups or alternative so nothing outside my job... This joke was used in the past and never ever had a problem, just smiles as they knew that I knew they were lesbians. This model simply didn't or just didn't figure it out. 

  • People who know me and know what I did put into my job, for the last 15 years, would have taken this lightly and helped me get a better idea of who they are. I was fishing for a reaction but not this one...

  • The same night she spoke indirectly or directly to a Male Life model Philip Herbert for advice, who acted very strangely in the past with me with a very passive aggressive attitude trying to make me understand that I owed him favors and that we would not be friends anymore as we were quite well acquainted at some point and he is Gay too. This man created the London Life Models group and was the admin at the time this happened. He told her to put this story on fb guessing what could be the consequences. The result was an atomic bomb in my life...

  • Because Philip Herbert saw that this could go very far he quickly tried to get more people involved who he knew would react and take the blame off his shoulders, so he did, including Rachel Mc Carthy who runs RAM or Modelreg (Life model agency) who was extremely happy to finally being able to again (as it wasn't the first time with me I recently found out) show how much she cares about her life models. Only two people in the Art world do and did exactly the same jobs and that's both of us. Unintentionally my business and hard work affected her business at least for 12 years before this last 2015 incident.

  • Whatever those people did from then, they simply cannot retrieve and apologize ever so they had to push and build a case. Luckily for Rachel Mc Carthy she didn't have to go far and asked thousands of models to whom she offers jobs all year round, like myself. 5 or 6 of them out of probably 3 to 4 thousand, copied & pasted bits of conversations that could only look bad in the context of accusing me of Sexual Harassment. Hilary Curtis who wrote this blog and contacted hundreds of my people giving them a link to her website/blog as if she is trying to make justice for the sake of women in general. Hilary is Rachel's best friend, they both still Life model for classes and they both went to the Police Station...

  • Soon I was informed of the disaster that happened and I was brutally contacted by people like Hilary Curtis who threatened me to have models demonstrating outside my classes and all kind of devastating ideas so I would become the example, the Martyr. She was given the job of trying to bring me down/destroy me by Rachel Mc Carthy, her friend as she is very good at researching, demonstrating, supporting her political and Feminist views.

  • This was simply for me the end of my career and Life even if I didn't do anything so I decided to confront all those models where they were, in the Life Model Facebook group that Philip Herbert was still running from which he run away very soon. I joined it and openly asked all Models including the 4 or 5 who gave evidence (as they were then convinced that I could have been a really bad sexual harasser, They just didn't know). I asked them to come forward publicly on that fb group so that all could have been explained and proven to be fine for the job I Do and put back in their context.

  • I waited 2 days and no one came forward, by now it was all very much too late so Philip Herbert took me out of the group and preferred to leave the group/not get involved anymore.

  • since they I haven't been able to say or do anything while they continued spreading bad words to thousands of models and Artists, Art teachers as they simply could not let go, they had to show that they were right and that I was wrong...

  • Rachel Mc Carthy always used and will always use other people to do things that can affect her reputation but here she had to (not so good for her) and went to the Police Station to file a report with Hilary Curtis. I have never ever met any of them.

  • The Police contacted me, asked me to meet them at the Station and explained to me that this was never to go anywhere and that they knew how bad this was for me and offered me support and advice on what to do if they'd do anything else. They were just sorry for me and offered whatever support they are allowed to give.

  • Hilary and Rachel went as far as contacting anyone I ever worked with such as venues, sponsors, Charities, BBC, TV channels, Radio stations, Groupon, Cassart, etc... That was before they were told off by the Police and me as a final Warning. They went as far as they possibly go to bring me down without the success they were hoping for. Now they are using new ways and trying to be creative. 

  • They were helped by a Lot of Life models who have been getting jobs from Rachel for up to 20 years and she had no problem for finding amongst them a Solicitor, a detective, a blogger Hilary and still now get her duty work done discreetly.

  • Those people will defend their say to the end so Anything you know that can be used against them, please come forward even if they thought they were doing good. Please email me at thelifedrawingnetwork@outlook.com to help the real  Justice. 

  • At that time my heart and soul were bleeding permanently but could not tell any of my close friends or relatives and just looked a bit quiet but nothing else. We are talking about months of intense suffering i had to keep silent so that they would not be exposed to those lies. I was interviewed 1/2 dozen times by employers, sponsors and venues to tell me that they simply could not be connected with my business and person anymore.

  • I knew that the worse thing I could possibly do was to stop classes and show guilt as the thousands of my students and Artists who knew me well enough would have then deserted me. This could have simply pushed me over the edge (off the bridge), so I stayed on holding on to my innocence, frustration and worked even harder than the usual so i'd prevail.

  • I soon realized that I had a great bunch of followers who knew me well enough to ignore all this and admired my tenacity and all my achievements for the Arts, so I stayed and will hang on until justice is made I hope.

  • To conclude i can say that i have lost reputation and work and this can never ever be reversed with those who believed those lies. I offered anything and everything that people wanted in Art that was gone or missing from bringing classes to people everywhere, Anatomy for Artists, Classes for offices, Fun classes to help people go back to drawing so it wouldn't disappear (Burlesque, Rodinesque, Doodle, Happy Drawing Circles, The Sketchy Theatre etc...), Architecture drawing, Travel & Draw and gave ideas to a lot of TV production companies for programs so that TV could also help make things happen and it all worked out perfectly, making a lot of frustrated teachers, models angry, anvious and hungry for work/money...

  • Now let's go to www.tonypianco.com Blog that Hilary Curtis wrote so I can explain everything, putting thing back in their original context.


  • Tony Pianco, formerly Picanco or Picanso, also Picano, owns the London Life Drawing Society/Life Drawing Society UK (not actually a society but a business) which he uses as a vehicle to serially sexually harass female models. He has asked various models to:

  • All those names were used because of people reporting things on Facebook including Rachel as a guess, now I know, reporting when there was absolutely nothing to report, not even nude photos, who knows how they did it. 4 times my fb account was closed down 

  • Provide lap-dancing - I provided and still provide tongue and chick Lap dancing for Stag groups and did ask most models who answered on their profile if they could do those types of events and always had straight forward answers...Whoever provided this information and i know who it is, had reasons to get rid of me. Not because of my attitude but because of her dishonest, negative, uncertain mind. Because i like her as a friend i won't say more.

  • Do private modeling sessions with “kisses, hugs and breastfeeding”/ Again this was only me asking for Stag life drawing jobs as well as Birthday boys sessions who did ask me in the past for a milking life model. Hugs for maximum laughter and cheeky kisses. This is simply the Reality of the job that I could run and can still run. Luckily 99% of models are honest!

  • Do private modeling sessions with “a bit of good old wrestling” This is where it all started and that i already explained earlier...

  • Do a private modeling session which would start off normal but become “naughty but I carry on drawing/painting which is quite a challenge, that is if I have a hand available”. This comment was made after spending weeks working with a friend i started working with as a business partner but she simply wanted me to buy her drinks and food, pretending that she liked me/wanted to work with me but unfortunately wanted to take it all from me and earn more as if all men have QI of 10. She wouldn't really want to share anything because she had a family. She wasn't a Life model then anymore. I helped her start her own weekly classes off Brick Lane but because of being proud/selfish she thought it was better to make me into an enemy instead and invented lies after lies. She found a text i sent to her in the middle of the night after a heavy night drinking with her that i paid for. I wouldn't even remember me sending that text, I just remember of us talking about naughty stuff all night and giggling a lot as if we were really really good friends. Because i gave her everything on a silver tray and that nothing ever happened with her physically, it all went the opposite way and again i was a sweet generous heart to her and even now I may still like her as a friend. Sometimes you wonder how can some people flip like that because of the slight possibility of getting jobs from someone. I recently contacted her and didn't argue at all she just wanted to be forgotten and left alone. Quite typical isn't it?!

  • One was asked to model privately with her daughter “now or when she is 16” (the daughter was 14 at the time).This is the perfect and absolute lie that should be punished but won't be. Nothing has ever been said about private sessions ever with her or her daughter. I once asked her if they would both pose together for a class or a photo shoot for a Magazine as Marie-Claire magazine editor asked me a few weeks earlier for exactly that. I didn't know how old was her daughter, never met her and only found out how old she was when we had that one and only conversation about it. So an absolute ugly, nasty Lie... You can start to understand how freaky all this became and all written by someone i never met called Hilary Curtis.

  • Update: he also uses the name Tony Picanto, and we are reasonably sure his real name is James Tony Picanco. Well done, this is what happens when you have/had a registered Business/Limited company, everything is visible and applies to all of us.

  • Update February 2016: Tony Pianco is now trading as The Life Drawing Network. He simply calls himself Tony, but uses the same mobile phone number 07951613705 as previously. Please boycott this serial sexual harasser. This is what you call trying to make sure that whoever google for my classes ever and forever would see her lovely work and get me down for the sake of Feminism and/or Rachel Mc Carthy from RAM. How much money and/or jobs did she get in exchange for destroying somebody's hard working life. 

  • Update March 2016: a recent police investigation concluded that Pianco could not be charged with a criminal offense. That’s to say, there is no evidence he has committed a physical assault, or persistently harassed any one individual to the point where it amounts to a crime. However, there remains ample and substantial evidence that he has repeatedly requested sexual services from life models, which is totally outside the norms and professional standards expected within the life drawing community. He is now using the name James Tony Picanso, and remains as sleazy as he always has been. Avoid. The answer is all here. As the Police said i am completely innocent and as they told me unfairly treated. All i ever asked models was always connected to jobs I could offer them if they were willing to do them and 100's did and will obviously not complain. Why would they? They were happy, all went well with maximum care and security and they would do any of those events again and again with other people. Even Rachel from ram was very badly against them but recently changed her way to please a few artists and models who pay good money for their yearly memberships. In fact, 99% of what Ram does has been copied from whoever tried before her so she had to use, assimilate their ideas including mine and only when she had to for business reasons and never for the model's sake which has always been my only motto. In the last 10 years, i created about 10 different model agencies groups to try to do something for life models as nothing was done and every new idea i brought in were used and copied within 2 years. Please come forward with anything i d love to know that could help me resolve this situation at thelifedrawingnetwork@outlook.com.

  • Update April 2016: Pianco has formally taken over the running of some groups on Meetup, eg HELP I CAN’T DRAW and WEST END LIFE DRAWING. Please boycott these groups. They were previously called LEARN TO DRAW with LIFE DRAWING for Individuals and Groups and WEST END LIFE DRAWING AND PORTRAITURE, and were officially run by Philip Firsov although Pianco organised the meetings and posted the notices. This association between Firsov and Pianco continued at least until early February, well after the latter’s behaviour was exposed. All those groups had to be closed down because of attendance numbers gone lower and lower and lower and ten's of thousand pounds lost in the Air.

  • Update May 2016: He’s now calling himself Tony French. Well that's because i'm French and my name is Tony :)

  • Update June 2016: He has a new profile on Meetup, calls himself Anthony, and is running LOCAL-FRIENDS-FOR-LIFE-ARTS/ and LEICESTER-SQUARE-LIFE-DRAWING/ All those went down the hill too, which represents about 20K losses in 2 years

  • Update July 2016: further Meetup groups to avoid: BETHNAL-GREEN-WEEKEND-DRINK-DRAW-SESSION-with-TONY/ and SOCIAL-LIFE-DRAWING/ That's called Tying to get people to find this nasty blog when people googling for my classes, how nice!!!

  • Update September 2016: he has now set up his own models group. Models: please be wary of http://www.meetup.com/LIFEMOD/ as members are not vetted and are permitted, even encouraged, to use the group to meet people and “make friends”. “Nothing will be done” to stop this – the implication being that sexual advances are fine whether or not the recipient wants them. Update October: the LIFEMOD group seems to have closed, but Pianco is now also running WEST LONDON LIFE DRAWING and has just founded MISS SKETCHY.  Hilary Curtis was really trying to do a good job here even if this called harrassment under the Law of 1997.

  • What can you do?What can YOU do?!

  • If you are an artist or model: please avoid events held by the London Life Drawing Society, the Life Drawing Network or Tony Pianco. There are many other good life drawing classes run by artists/tutors who treat models with respect. Please ask your friends and contacts to boycott as well. 

  • If you run a pub, club, meeting hall or other venue: please refuse bookings from the London Life Drawing Society, Life Drawing Society UK or Life Drawing Network or Tony Pianco. This obviously means that they even would like models and teachers to do their dirty work so that they will not get prosecuted for it, how clever is that! I Lost about 10 venues and thousands of £ss because of Hilary Curtis.

  • Recently Hilary Curtis mentioned something about me sending an invitation to male only Artists where they could touch the model. This is all connected to the fact that models create the workshops. If a model says that she is really hoping to do whatever as long it is legal, i'll help. In this case I had a really friendly A-sexual female model who really didn't mind being touched by the Artists. As i could not tell female artists because of the situation you know I invited male artists who did show interest even if the event didn't happen at the end. The all idea was to change the energy in the way people draw or paint while learning Human anatomy by heart without any sexual idea behind at all. It certainly won't happen again (might get copied obviously) and lots of similar events cannot be run by men any longer in London They are run by female Artists/teachers, about a dozen of them, who all found the perfect man to bring down, thanks to Rachel Mc Carthy and Hilary Curtis who may run some of those businesses indirectly (TBC). They have used words and feminism to their advantage and are simply damaging the Art Scene for ever until one day. hopefully not if i can help it, only women will be involved as models (and a few young males), Artists, teachers, Art journalists, Art charities etc... Maybe women should be obliged to take courses about understanding men as we are a completely different animal they do not understand and would rather get rid off. This is only part of the Art world and our Society so nothing to worry about yet for most of us, but not for me.



  • In his own words #2  Please go there and read it and understand that for the last 15 years whatever i have done is because i enjoyed it and organized it for others to enjoy it as well making drawing exciting, keeping them happy, creative, young mentally and physically. You would understand if you ever meet me at a class. Simply try to guess my age.

  • This is not a secret anymore now that i have been in a fantastic loving relationship for the last 25 years but without sex for the last 10, because of my partner's personal medical situation, i won't talk to anyone about. So because i try to live a balanced life things did get a bit Rodinesque occasionally and still do now. Art is and will never be a prude environment or it will die the way it did or nearly did in many civilizations.

  • This sprint screen was sent to someone who shortly became a friend model who did work in the red quarter of Amsterdam as an escort and became a porn actress and technician. She simply adores the attention and unfortunately, for me, has got a short fuse, so short that one day we were nicely having a coffee near one of my classes in Angel, had a conversation about feminism and suddenly she simply, disappeared living me without a model to show me what women can do. It took me years to find out why and who sent something to meetup.com around 2012 and made them close all my 12 groups on a cold blue morning with a total of about 12k people lost and 8 years of very hard and good work around London, promoting Life Drawing. This model must have had a chat with Rachel Mc Carthy who was the only person that could have contacted Meetup in the name of "Safety for Models" at that time. Because she provided this link before to meetup. com people I now know who did it. Already then she was trying to take care of me using her influence about something that was private with the model and very well know by everyone at the time with my events of all sorts. There was no harassment or abuse of any kind involved in this link, just something that could be used to destroy my business. It took me all those years to find out it was those two, they wouldn't even confront or tell me as they knew this was purely nasty and unfair competition tactics. What else could it be?

  • http://www.tonypianco.com/2016/04/26/in-his-own-words-1/ is the second Link which in Fact was addressed to a young female nympho who contacted me on Craigslist UK because she needed breaks from her job and Loves Art. In fact this job could only have been done with her and I would have never asked any other Life model anything of the sort. She asked me, it was her idea. At that time, i was MR Life Drawing in London and had 1000's of Artists hoping i would come up with new ideas and that's all this was, something new that many would have enjoyed but never happened as she was asking for too much money. I would have never made any profit out of this for obvious reasons. At that time only one person could organize those kind of events, now 1/2 dozen ladies in London took over and made a few quids. Thanks to good old Tony.


The Only option I have is to spend money with a Sollicitor who will take about £1K to just write an email to those two ladies, Rachel and Hilary. They will obviously say that they used their freedom of expression and will not back down as they have already gone too far.

If you have any idea for a solution, please let me know.




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