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Drawing , Painting, sculpting, learning the Human form is now easy and enjoyable!

"I'm so suprised with myself, a year ago I couldn't even draw a  stickman. Today I found myself drawing a perfect hand and nearly jumped, so Happy I was. Now I just want to draw Everything from feet, hands, faces, chairs, clothes, landscapes and keep surprising myself"as often as possible. Many thanks to you guys..." Rebecca Brown 2020.
M U S I C - V I D E O S
We can now Draw the Human figure and Life at anytime of the day or night from Live or from recordings of tutored and untutored classes.
No matter how Old we are we can set ourselves nicely at home and with all the possible comfort we can have more than ever proper Artistic "Me" time.
No matter how busy we are we can be even busier than ever as we save time in travel and use our all spare time absolutely properly without the need to go, tell anyone or do anything  (full member).
Can't sleep or simply too worried about something, well now you could find a Live online event happening across the globe that you can join and start Drawing, relaxing, forgetting everything. An hour later you'll be sleeping like a creative Baby...
Fancy doing something special at weekends with friends without having to go anywhere and still share your thoughts afterwards with them? Well we find the most amazing Artists and Special people to Demonstrate, teach, lecture Live at weekend and in the week occasionally so please make sure you join your Google group and our email list here for all sorts from classes to workshops, Free events, Members events, discussions, chats, etc...

When our journey began in 2003, models were crying for real at classes, which is why we had to do something and so we trippled their wages without knowing that it would become the minimum wage in the UK and made classes two thirds cheaper and everything went creatively mad with classes everywhere in London, reinventing figure drawing classes, bringing new ways and ideas suitable for more styles of Artists. This was the beginning of Gesture Life Drawing, Burlesque, Model groups, Extra creative energy classes with the right music and all kind of models, people who now were queueing to work with us. This is when we absolutely wanted to know who did people wanted to draw. We had Life model yearly Elections for a few years and came up with the conclusion that Artists tastes were as different as the models themselves but the winners of all were always those who had a Dance background. Now we use models that we know Artists do love which are

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